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Asti Wine Consultants

A hospitality company with a love for wine and a passion for connecting with wine lovers everywhere.

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Let us introduce you to delicious world-class wines selected from across the globe in virtually every price range. Discover new and unique wines you won’t typically find in your local grocery store.

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Wine Tastings & Dinner Parties

Whether a bridal shower or spending time with friends, co-workers, or clients our wine tastings and dinner parties are adapted to each group and are ideal for novices or those interested in learning more about wine.  

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Wine Tasting Seminars

Our seminars are ideal for groups of any size looking to have fun while learning about wine. Seminars can be adapted for those in the service industry who wish to bring a higher degree of service and knowledge to their customers.

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Consulting Services

Our team provides consulting services to both individuals and various type organizations, such as wine shoppes, restaurants, grocery stores and grocery chains, and non-profit organizations.

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