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Asti Wine Consultants

A Sommelier-led hospitality company that offers professional wine consulting and creates memorable wine experiences.

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Wine Consulting Services

Consulting to Individuals

Whether it's building a custom cellar in your home or connecting you with boutique wines to add to your collection, it would be our pleasure to serve as your personal wine consultant.

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Consulting to Organizations

Are you an entrepreneur looking to open a wine shoppe? Do you own a restaurant or manage a grocery store, and need some help creating a high quality wine selection? We're here to help.

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Wine Videos

Every week, we release a new video on our YouTube Channel. These videos range from Wine Tips to Varietal Profiles to Wine Myths and more! Each one is a blend of wine education, humor, and class. We look forward to having you join us!

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Memorable Wine Experiences

Wine Tastings & Dinner Parties

Whether a bridal shower or spending time with friends, co-workers, or clients our wine tastings and dinner parties are adapted to each group and are ideal for novices or those interested in learning more about wine.  

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Wine Tasting Seminars

Our seminars are ideal for groups of any size looking to have fun while learning about wine. Seminars can be adapted for those in the service industry who wish to bring a higher degree of service and knowledge to their customers.

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the Grapevine

In our blog, AWC Founder and Sommelier B. Pierre Asti shares practical wine insights - including tips for maximizing the aromas and flavors of your wine, recipes that pair well with our beloved grape juice, and more!

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How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

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