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About Us

Welcome to the home of Asti Wine Consultants. We are a hospitality company dedicated to providing world-class wines, fun, and interesting Wine Tastings, Wine Seminars, Wine Education through various social media platforms and Wine Consulting Services to our clients.

Asti Wine Consultants is owned and operated by B. Pierre Asti. Pierre was in the real estate and relocation industry for over four decades filling roles of Regional Marketing Vice-President, Global Marketing Vice-President, Managing Director and President of various relocation management companies. He has brought his marketing, sales and management experience to the wine industry.


Since 2003 Asti has learned the wine industry from the ground up. He began by volunteering his time in local and regional vineyards on the weekends and during his vacations. Weekends turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months. He has invested grueling hours in the labor-intensive, romantic work of vineyard management and tending vines.

Pierre has also worked in both wineries and tasting rooms. He continued his wine education by successfully representing several boutique wine distributors. Plus, for an upscale grocery chain, Asti has selected and purchased high-quality wines of all price ranges. This wine department grew by over 30% in one year.


Asti has conducted wine tastings, wine education seminars and symposiums for private parties, companies, not-for-profits and chambers of commerce and 
have trained restaurant staff, distributors and retail sales staff. Pierre has enhanced his wine education by investing the necessary time to gain the Sommelier accreditation through the International Sommelier Guild.


At Asti Wine Consultants, our primary deliverable is our knowledge of wine and associated issues and topics. We deliver our knowledge through a variety of options and methods of education. Although Asti’s is primarily a service organization, we also offer world-class wines to our customers. Our offerings are threefold: Wine; Wine Education through various Social Media Platforms, Wine Tastings, Seminars and Dinners and; Wine Consulting Services for both Individuals and Organizations.

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