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About Pierre

B. Pierre Asti, Sommelier and Founder of Asti Wine Consultants

Pierre has enjoyed wine for more than 40 years. In 2003, he began to pursue his passion professionally.

Pierre was in the real estate and relocation industry for over four decades, filling roles of Regional Marketing Vice-President, Global Marketing Vice-President, Managing Director, and President.

In 2003, he set out to learn the wine industry from the ground up. He began by volunteering his time in local and regional vineyards on the weekends and during his vacations. Weekends turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months. He invested grueling hours in the labor-intensive, romantic work of vineyard management and tending vines.

Pierre went on to work in both wineries and tasting rooms, and even to represent several boutique wine distributors.

In 2010, Pierre committed to his romance with wine full-time by earning his Sommelier accreditation. Shortly thereafter, he launched Asti Wine Consultants in order to provide individual wine lovers and organizations with world-class wine services and memorable wine experiences (via both in-person encounters and various social media platforms).

Few things in life excite Pierre as much as wine and people. Through Asti Wine Consultants, his love for both grows each day!